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I love medium hard rubbers and this one is superb, excellent spin and control, great speed too. Omega V Asia has less arc than Omega Tour or Europe... I use a Mizutani ZLC blade, which I feel has a softish feel anyway. The Mizutani is a fabulous blade in my opinion, with such a huge sweet spot, it makes playing table tennis so much easier. I like Chinese style and I played with some Hurricane 3 Neo and Nittaku H3 Neo (unboosted), OVA is better. I very much missed the Tenergy series, have played with 64 and 80 FX, but for the cost and poor durability I wouldn’t have ditched the Tenergys, my quest for a replacement began and looked like never ending, but until I bought XOVAsia, great forehand rubber, equally good from close and far, sufficient to lift heavy backspin and at the same time great composure while counter topspining. No as fast as tenergy but I have much better control. Only thing is that it hasn't been very durable for me. One of our most powerful player in our national team is using it. Ironically the Asia rubber falls into the same camp. Good for service I think a complete rubber, great price and service from TT11, thankyou.. I'm using for max for both fh and bh coming H3(fh) / 05(bh). I play Chinese style and didn't need any time to adjust to this rubber when I switched. Therefore I have a combo that while very nice to play with, could do with a bit more bite. I made the mistake of ordering a max sheet of this rubber, 2mm would have been best in retrospect. In my opinion, this rubber really needs to be partnered with a very good blade. Maybe then the Asia would suit a slightly harder blade than the Mizutani ZLC. (also "bag rack") a fixture for holding golf bags in a relatively upright position; portable bag stands differ from bag racks mainly in that they come in varieties that attach, or are built-in, to a golf bag and that can unfold to hold the bag upright and retract so that the bag can easily be carried between shots (also "ball mark tool, divot fixer, divot repair tool, pitchfork") a small, commonly two-pronged, fork-like tool for repairing ball marks or pitch marks (usually associated with, but not limited to, the putting green) 1. a statistical category comprised of 2 others: total driving (which is a combination of distance and accuracy) and greens in regulation 2. can also be used to refer to the long game in general, or play from tee to green (more commonly "ballooning", also "upshooter, upshooting") excessive climbing or lifting of a shot beyond its normal trajectory, usually into the wind and usually causing the shot to fall short of the intended distance (also "10-finger, full-finger, ten-finger" grip) a method of holding the club using all ten digits on the grip with no overlapping or interlocking fingers ["baseball grip" is actually a misnomer: baseball bats are not held like this] (also "be the number") an expression popularized by tour players on television, usually indicative of a well-struck shot that is proceeding in the desired direction with the only question being the distance that the ball will travel; a plea or wish, short for "be the right club" or "be the right distance" (also "flex point, kick point") the point of maximum bending of a club's shaft, measured with the club in a horizontal position by securing the grip end of the club and hanging a standardized weight just above the club head a match where an individual plays against the better ball of two, or the best ball of three, players -- commonly and mistakenly thought of as two-man teams playing their best ball against each other, which is actually called a "Four-Ball" match (more on tournament formats and games) (also sometimes "check, grab, hold, sit, sit down, hit a house" and so on) 1. a command* issued to the ball by a player who believes their ball is going too far or too fast 2. the act of the ball stopping quickly as a result of backspin * some players feel that issuing commands to their ball during its movement can alter its final resting point 1. Backspin sound effect free intel matrix storage Vinyl Back Spin - Sound Effects Fx Dj Tools Intro & Party Break / 2010. 20 Instrumentals Dirty South & Crunk Beats Hip Hop & RnB Free Royalty, Libre De Droit. DJ Scratch 05 Sound Effect Mp3 - Sound Effects - SoundGator.